Script Editing Service

Writing a play is definitely not easy. A major part of the writing process is obtaining feedback, making endless re-writes, as well as getting the script itself into a publishable standard.

To assist with this process, our Script Editing team offer proofing and feedback services.

Standard rates are 2p a word for both proofreading and feedback with a minimum fee of £35.

We have a subsidised rate for authors we have previously worked with equating to 1p a word with a minimum charge of £35.

For example: with a 4,500 worded piece for proofing, the cost is £45, a 6,000 word text for feedback and proofing is £120 and so on.

Scripts should preferably be submitted as a Word document and the team will annotate it using ‘track changes’.

You’ll also receive a summary of the team’s thoughts and they will also consider any specific questions you may have.

Please contact us at for more information.