Stranger in the Kitchen

Developed in association with Curve Theatre, Leicester

By Azma Dar

Get out while you can, bhai. You’ll always be followed by the curse of this memory.

Meet Saira, Raza, Jimmy and Henna. They appear to have it all: a good job, a modern home, friends and caring families. Cricket, cups of tea and good cooking – isn’t that what makes Britain great? But all is not what it seems.

Stranger in the Kitchen explores the lives and loves of Asians in Britain, three British-born and one who came to the UK following an arranged marriage. Themes of identity and domestic abuse feature in this examination of what it means to juggle many different cultural roles and expectations in today’s society.

Cleverly told in reverse, Stranger in the Kitchen begins with the aftermath of Saira’s murder and gradually reveals the lies and layers of the characters’ lives.

This new, full length play was developed between 2013 and 2015 with support from Arts Council England and includes a mentoring programme with Max Stafford-Clark and Out of Joint in London.

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